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Free cars for cancer patients, is it real? Yes, you can get the free car for patient having cancer. Cars are generally treated as a means of transport for common people, but in practical life, it’s more than a boon for cancer patients. Cancer is a disease that cripples the life of the patients, including physically and financially. To overcome such situations, many regional and international organizations stepped forward for the welfare of society by offering Free Cars for Cancer Patients. This service helps many such patients who are in great need.

However, if you are fighting cancer and also facing a financial crunch and looking for free cars to avoid the burden of transportation costs, then you must know the possible ways to get cars.

Many people donate their used cars to non-profit organizations and even the Government also provides free cars to cancer patients. So, multiple agencies offer such kind of services and you must know whom to approach and the right way to approach. Now, let’s see who are the saviors that can help you to cut the transportation cost.

Free Cars For Cancer Patients Provided By Various Sources

free cars for cancer patients

Government Programs

Cancer is a disease that creates a huge impact on the patient’s health and also on the pocket. So, at this point, the Government comes forward and performs its abided duty by offering free cars for such patients. Moreover, Government grants also help cancer patients to get a car so that they can visit the doctors and can consult them effectively.

To get a car from the Federal or State Government, you need to go through the process, and initially, you need to fill a form and after that send it to the respective department. Once the form gets scrutinized, it will go for approval and then you will get the car.

American’s Cancer Society – Road to Recovery Program

This organization runs various programs and one such is the Road to Recovery Program that helps cancer patients to reach the hospital who can’t afford the transportation cost. In this program, the volunteers of the respective community play a crucial role as they give their time and cars to the cancer patients by driving them to the hospital.

Contact them on this number – 1-800-227-2345 or visit website here for more information.

American’s Cancer Society – Cars for Cure

It is a program offered by the American Cancer Society that offers free cars for cancer patients. It promulgates the views and the conditions of cancer patients to the common people so that the people of the society can donate their used cars. Once, the charity organization gets the cars in a sufficient quantity they then distribute it to the cancer patients so that they can save their cost by eliminating the transportation cost needed to visit the hospital. The charity offers a dual role in society, the prime one is to offer free cars to cancer patients and the secondary one is for the donors who get the tax deduction due to the respective action.

Basically it is Charity Vehicle Donation Program that allows car owners to donate their cars for a good cause. Contacting them will provide you more information about how to get a free car ride for cancer patients.


Many Churches offer various assistance to cancer patients including free cars. They get a grant from several trusted organizations and the church management utilizes the same for the welfare of people including the cancer patients. Moreover, several generous people donate their cars and money to the churches for the betterment of the people in the society.

Elite Groups

In our society elite groups and the commoners exist, the former possesses plenty of wealth and they also spend some part of the wealth in social work and also do charity. Mostly it has been noticed that the elite group donates their used cars to the needy people of the society including the cancer patients. So, if you need a car, then you must find the elite group in your locality who are performing the social services and can contact an individual or a group. They will certainly help you once they get to know your real cause behind getting a car.

Fundraising Technique

In the digital era, there are ample websites that offer financial and cars to help cancer patients and also for the needy people. On such a website, you need to give your valuable time to describe your condition and once the generous people get connected to you, then they will offer you the car for free. This is the easiest approach to get free cars for cancer patients and all you need to select the right platform to meet wise people.

Free Cars for Cancer Patients via Free Resources

Free resources are the pivotal point of the society that helps the people at every stage including the cancer patients. Grants Government and other free resources are active that offers a car to the cancer patients. Apart from offering a car, they also provide free legal aid, financial help, and many more that can make their life somewhat better. So, to get the same, the patient needs to visit the respective website or to visit the nearest free resource center. The free resource institute or organization gets grants from trusted firms for the welfare of society.

Local Mechanic

A mechanic usually fixes the car’s problem but they retain the spare car and the same can be beneficial for the cancer patients. Local mechanics get several cars from the owner for the repair, they do the task, but some cars come in the worst condition, and even after repairing the owner prefers to buy a new one. So, in this case, you can ask the mechanic for such cars and they will help you in all possible manner.

Get A Free Car For Cancer Patients Via Social Media

In social media, many persons are willing to help people. And, if you have a good number of contacts with wise people, then you can use the social media platform to get a free car. Through social media, the needy person can tag the persons via post by describing cancer’s conditions. No doubt, most people will come forward for the help of cancer patients.

How to Get Free Cars for Cancer Patients From Various Agencies?

Now, you are well versed with the agencies or the charity organization that will provide free cars. If you choose the Government option, then you need to fill the form and then will have to wait for the approval process. However, in the case of churches, you need to discuss your problem with the minister who professes religious rituals on the church and if he agrees, then he may ask for the volunteers to help you.

Now, in the case of a local mechanic, you need to search for the one who will help you, and most importantly you need to get connected with him so that you can get the car easily.


So, these were all about the possible ways and the methods to get Free Cars For Cancer Patients. Hope is still alive and you must retain the same to fight cancer’s battle effectively with the help of society, Government agencies, Religious firms, and Non-Profit Organizations. These agencies are established only for the welfare of people and society and they will help you in all possible manner either directly or indirectly. Moreover, they also offer financial assistance and other services that may bring the life of cancer patients more livable.


Steven George


Steven, with 17 years of government and NGO experience, was a Federal tax specialist. He's won several awards for his work. Now, he's helping underprivileged people through NGOs.

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  1. I am a cancer patent I have bone cancer and the doctor said it’s not curable but treatable and my girl friend is going to o be my care giver God bless her.
    I receive 300 a month from social security and I receive 800 a month from O P.P.D FOR MY PENSION .
    I PAY 650 A month for rent plus O.P.P.D and M.U.D.
    I have to call around for a ride to go get my cancer treatmeant and it’s getting harder to find a ride people I want to say are screening there calls cause they know what I want is a ride .
    My girl friend just went back to work and told me that she will stay with me and take care of me as my care giver she had borrowed 500 from her sister to buy a cheap car that she did 2 days ago but needed some work ..
    And ju as t yesterday it cought on fire and fire department had to come put it out at is in impound lot now .
    I’m trying to find a car so she can take me to and from my doctor apptmeants and my chemo appointment s and grocery store and take her to work I really could you a car in this situation I appreciate any assistance you could help me with thank you

  2. All this information but no link to apply? I just found out that I have breast cancer and I need a car for appointments. I’m on disability and I can’t afford to get a used car on my own, any help would be appreciated


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